The Adventurer - Large Ghillie-Kettle

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Large Ghillie-Kettle

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The Ghillie Kettle is a unique camping kettle that can boil water in less than 5  minutes , using any combustible material as a fuel source. You can burn anything form twigs , leafs, grass, newspaper or just a single fire lighter in the kettle and bring water to a boil faster than any other kettle on the market. Alternatively you can also pop the kettle onto a gas stove. The secret lays in the century old volcano design, with the fire being on the inside centre of the kettle, and the water surrounding the fire. This allows for a bigger surface area in contact with the water and the heat source while at the same time the centre of the kettle forms a chimney flue, which aids combustion. Furthermore the fire is unaffected by any weather conditions and can be water can be brought to a boil even in storm winds. It packs light, with the fire base fitting into the centre of the kettle and it weighs less than 500grams due to its all-aluminium construction


The Adventurer or Large Ghillie-Kettle is the largest of the Ghillie-Kettle family and boils approximately 5 Mugs of water in only 5 minutes . Its manufactured from brushed aluminium spin formed to shape and comes standard with wood covered protective carry handle, and signature ghillie-kettle whistling spout cap which is connected to the kettle via a small chain to ensure it doesn't get lost and ensures safe hot water pouring. The Kettle comes with its own hard wearing carry bag and is ideal  for any outdoor activity especially: Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Building Sites, during power cuts (to be used outdoors) when you need more than one cup of boiling water


Check out the pics and videos on the main page to see the Ghillie-kettle in action

Lightweight: 0.9kg made of Aluminium .
Holds up to 1.42ltrs of water
Height: 340 mm / 13inchs
Width: 185mm / 7.3inchs (at its widest point)
Optional Accessories:
You can also cook simple meals using this Ghillie-Kettle together with the optional cooking kit that is designed to custom fit the kettle. You can find the optional kit under the Ghilly Cooking Kit catagory
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